The Shadow Wiki

This is the last of the Bruce Elliott Shadow novels, and in it, The Shadow returns AS The Shadow, in full force. Granted, he doesn't really sound like himself in many cases---sometimes saying, "Yeah" instead of "Yes."  Burbank at one point transfers Hawkeye's call directly to the Shadow, rather than tasking the information and replaying Hawkeye's info to The Shadow, as Gibson would.  Still, it's a really good novel, very hard-boiled, starting out with thugs threatening to use thumb screws on a surgeon, a protection racket hitting many levels of the city (actresses being threatened with acid to ruin their faces, etc.) and a really good climax where The Shadow is threatened by death by high-pressure boiling steam or escaping into the lion's cage at Central Park Zoo, and a final showdown where he faces three foes--and only has two bullets left.  The ending is more of a psychological battle than a physical one, although there's plenty of it too.  VERY suspenseful at the end.  It's a shame Elliott didn't write more novels like this, embracing The Shadow in all his mysteriousness.