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Theodore Tinsley

Real Name
Theodore Adrian Tinsley



First "Shadow" publication

Benedict Stark; Carrie Cashin; Detective Terry "Bulldog" Black

Place of Birth
New York , New York , United States of America

Date of Birth
Date of Death

October 27, 1894
March 3, 1979

Professional History

Theodore Tinsley was primarily a pulp writer. He is best remembered for penning 27 of The Shadow stories. During his stint at Street & Smith, he wrote four Shadow novels a year for the next six years, his first being "Partners of Peril." Some have speculated that this story influenced the plot for the first Batman comic book story.[1] Tinsley's second Shadow novel, Fox Hound, was the basis of the 1938 film International Crime. His last Shadow story was published in 1943.

Tinsley also created one of the first female detectives in pulp fiction, Carrie Cashin, who appeared in Street & Smith's "Crime Busters" and its successor "Mystery" from 1937-1943. Another creation of his, Detective Terry "Bulldog" Black, appeared in Street & Smith's "Nick Carter Detective Magazine," "The Whisperer" and "Crime Busters" from 1936 to 1938.

Work History

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  • Prior to writing Shadow novels, Tinsley wrote a few radio scrips for CBS around 1934 and 1935, adapting stories from "Detective Story."


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