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The Case of the Cotton Kimona
Film information

Charles F. Haas


Nathan Kroll


Peter Barry

  • Screenplay:
  • Tom Helmore
  • Paula Raymond
  • Frank M. Thomas
Release date(s)

1954 (USA)

Running time

25 min

Preceded by

The Missing Lady (1946 Movie)

Followed by

Invisible Avenger (1958 Movie)


This is where it all began: The Case of the Cotton Kimona

Lamont Cranston, a psychiatrist on retainer to the police department, is asked to assist in the Case of the Cotton Kimono murder investigation.


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Notes and References

  • Writer Peter Barry wrote several of The Shadow Radio Show scripts, beginning in 1941, and his last one was aired on April 15, 1954, only a few months prior to this TV script.
  • The Shadow TV pilot failed from the beginning and was never aired, nor a TV-series ever followed.
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