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This is The Shadow disambiguation page.

Since his creation in 1930, The Shadow has become the subject of over 300 pulp stories, a radio drama series, several movies, a 15-episode movie serial, various comic books and even an unsold TV pilot.

What might be confusing to some, is the major difference between The Shadow on the radio program and how he is different from the one in the pulp stories. On the radio, The Shadow is Lamont Cranston. In the pulps, The Shadow is really Kent Allard, a world-famous aviator who uses Lamont Cranston's identity as his alter-ego. The Thriller Library, a weekly British newspaper, reprinted some of the original pulp stories, but for some reason The Shadow's true identity changed to a ruined lawyer named John Harverson.

This page serves to clarify the different characters known as The Shadow, as well as, other closely named publications.

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