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The Phantom Voyage
Radio information

Blue Coal

  • Bill Johnstone
  • Marjorie Anderson
Aired date

February 16, 1941

Running time

29:20 min

Preceded by

The Man Who Lived Thrice (Radio Show)

Followed by

The Chess Club Murders (Radio Show)

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Adrift at sea, Lamont Cranston and Margot Lane come across a passing ship who rescues them, but once they're on board they soon realize the ship has been taken over by thugs who are smuggling natives from the West Indies into the States.

Full Cast[edit | edit source]


  • "Captain" Farley (captured)
  • First Mate (captured)

Other Characters:

  • The Real Captain
  • Markham (a sailor; dies)
  • An old sailor (dies)

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