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The Man Who Murdered Time
Radio information

B.F. Goodrich Tires

  • Script:
  • Bill Johnstone
  • Agnes Moorehead
Aired date

January 1, 1939

Running time

28:40 min

Preceded by

Give Us This Day (Radio Show)

Followed by

Island of the Devil (Radio Show)


A mad scientist, who is dying from an incurable heart disease, builds a time machine. He then relives December 31 over and over again so that he can repeatedly kill his cousin who has wronged him. Lamont Cranston and Margot Lane are the only two conscious enough to realize the repetition of New Year's Eve, and together they successfully change the course of events to prevent the villain's evil deed.

Full Cast[]

Featured Characters:


  • Dr. Willard (a mad scientist; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Hughes (Willard's cousin)
  • John (Willard's butler)
  • Stewart (Cobalt Club member)
  • Fred (Margo Lane's doorman)


  • New York City

Notes and References[]

  • The villain is reliving the last day of the year and cleverly enough, the episode was originally aired on New Years Day.
  • Sanctum Books reprinted the script to "The Man Who Murdered Time" in The Shadow Double-Novel Reprint #81.

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