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The Man Who Dreamed Too Much
Radio information

Blue Coal

  • Jon Archer
  • Judith Allen
Aired date

November 19, 1944

Running time

29:50 min

Preceded by

Death Goes Fishing (Radio Show)

Followed by

The Man Who Wished Death (Radio Show)

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A man visits the police station to report that he keeps having nightmares and he refuses to pay his doctor 10,000 for the cure. Later, he is driven to madness and kills himself. Commissioner Weston doesn't know how to solve the case so he asks for Cranston's help. Cranston visits the dead man's doctor, named Dr. Nightmare, and learns of an extortion plot where patients are coaxed into having terrorizing dreams caused by a sonic device. If his clients don't pay the proper medical fee, they're driven to insanity by their dreams, and finally commit suicide. The doctor then collects the insurance money. As poetic justice, The Shadow claims he is Dr. Nightmare and the doctor he is confronting is only a dream. Since the doctor can not see, only hear, the voice of his foe, he starts to go insane and is later captured and institutionalized.

Full Cast[edit | edit source]

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dr. Nightmare (goes insane, institutionalized)
  • An unnamed nurse (captured)

Other Characters:

  • Barney Adams (suicide)
  • Norma Adams (Barney's wife)

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