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The Little Man Who Wasn't There
Radio information

Blue Coal

  • John Archer
  • Judith Allen
Aired date

April 8, 1945

Running time

29:40 min

Preceded by

The Sword of Dengri-La (Radio Show)

Followed by

The Case of the River of Eternal Woe (Radio Show)


Three people have been robbed in public by an invisible man and as a result, Commissioner Weston has begun to suspect that The Shadow has finally gone bad.

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Featured Characters:


  • Nancy Hale
  • Ms. Joy
  • Father Gates

Other Characters:

Notes and References

  • Alfred Bester, who was also a comic book writer, originally published "The Little Man Who Wasn't There" as a comic book story for Starman in DC Comics' Adventure Comics #78 (September 1942).
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