Invisible Avenger (1958 Movie Poster).jpg
Invisible Avenger
Film information

James Wong Howe


Emanuel Demby

  • Screenplay: George Bellak
  • Richard Derr
  • Mark Daniels
  • Helen Westcott
Release date(s)

December 2, 1958 (USA)

Running time

70 min

Preceded by

The Shadow (1954 TV Pilot)

Followed by

The Shadow (1994 Movie)


Chilling!! with the thrill of the unknown the unseen... Shadow Man!


Street of SHADOWS
Street of SHAME! travel the world -- there's no place like Bourbon thriller of wine, women and murder!


When an exiled South American ruler living in New Orleans becomes a target of a kidnapping, Lamont Cranston and his mentor, a mystic named Joegendra, team up and put their mind-altering skills to work to help the man.

Full Cast

  • Richard Derr as Lamont Cranston/The Shadow
  • Mark Daniels as "Joegendra"
  • Helen Westcott
  • Jack Doner
  • Jeanne Neher
  • Steve Dano
  • Dan Mullin
  • Leo Bruno
  • Lee Edwards
  • Sam Page

Home Video or DVD Release Dates

DVD Release Date: January 21, 2003 (Alpha Video)

Notes and References

  • The movie was later released with additional scenes, as Bourbon Street Shadows.
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