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The Duende History of the Shadow Magazine
Duende History of the Shadow Magazine.jpg
Author Will Murray & Walter B. Gibson
Illustrator Frank Hamilton
Publication date 1980
Published by Odyssey Publications
ISBN 0-933752-21-0
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Riddle of the Rangoon Ruby
Followed by

Synopsis for Blackmail Bay by Walter B. Gibson[]

While preparing a book from confidential discussions of important cases, Judge Parker Kroft notices that some of the key tapes are missing. He later receives an anonymous phone call from a blackmailer who offers to return them for fifty thousand dollars, cash. Being that the judge is friends with Commissioner Weston, The Shadow and a few of his agents are on the case.

Characters in Blackmail Bay[]

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Earl Torgesen (a store-keeper)

Other Characters:

  • Police Commissioner Ralph Weston (mentioned only)
  • Judge Parker Kroft
  • Lewis G. Barton (an insurance man)
  • Lester Blake (an artist)
  • Madge Moffat (an inn owner)
  • Ezra Hobbs (a taxi driver)
  • Wilby Weldon (owns a resort)


  • Maine Coast
  • Spruce Island


  • Flashlights (Morse code)
  • "Devil's Whisper" (explosive paste)
  • Girasol Ring


  • The Priscilla (steamer)


  • "The Duende History of the Shadow Magazine" is by Will Murray and covers the history of The Shadow pulp. It includes essays, interior illustrations, and the last Shadow story written by Walter B. Gibson, "Blackmail Bay."
  • Cover illustration by Frank Hamilton (The Shadow) and Robin Storesund (Cityscape and the Autogyro on the back cover).
  • Inside art by Frank Hamilton, Paul Becton, and Bob Polio (from "The Tick/New England Comics").