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The Case of the Flaming Skull
Radio information

Blue Coal

  • John Archer
  • Judith Allen
Aired date

March 18, 1945

Running time

25:20 min

Preceded by

The Brief Fame of John Cooper (Radio Show)

Followed by

The Destroyer (Radio Show)


A "burning skull" kidnaps Cranston's friend. Later, the skull is reported to be robbing a home and then a jewelry store. The Shadow tries to investigate the truth, but people are beginning to get killed off before any information can be had. The wife of the kidnapped victim is placed under police protection, but the burning skull still goes after her and is confronted by The Shadow.

Full Cast[]

Featured Characters:


  • The Burning Skull (Steve Grant; dies)

Other Characters:

Notes and References[]

  • "The Case of the Flaming Skull" is a previously "lost episode". A recording of the original US broadcast has been found. It also was redone as an Australian rebroadcast, featuring Lloyd Lamble as Lamont Cranston.
  • The story is also referred to in the Australian broadcast as "The Case of the Burning Skull."
  • The basic premise of Alfred Bester's script, a scientist with radiation poisoning goes on a robbing spree to collect money for his soon to be widowed wife, was used later in a 1948 episode "The Man Who Was Death."