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The Bride of Death
Radio information

Blue Coal

  • Script:
  • Orson Welles
  • Agnes Moorehead
Aired date

March 6, 1938

Running time

29:30 min

Preceded by

The Plot Murder (Radio Show)

Followed by

The Silent Avenger (Radio Show)


Lamont Cranston and Margot arrive in a fishing village where a cult that engages in human sacrifice has set up shop in the home of a rich and slightly senile old woman which is suspected of being behind the death of the preacher who objected to their presence.

Full Cast[]

Featured Characters:


  • Prophet of the Ancient One (a cult leader; dies)
  • Aka and Matawa (henchmen; die)

Other Characters:

  • Mrs. Ackley
  • Reverend Colby (dies)
  • Margot Stevenson as Isabelle Colby (the Reverend's daughter)
  • Captain Seth (a retired seaman)
  • Marthy (Captain Seth's wife)

Notes and References[]

  • This is Margot Stevenson's debut on The Shadow Radio Show. Margo Lane was based on the stage actress. In 1937 Stevenson was dating Clark Andrews, a radio producer working on the radio show. It was Andrews who introduced the character of Margo Lane (named after Stevenson) as the girlfriend of the hero, Lamont Cranston.
  • In this episode Stevenson is the voice of "Isabelle Colby." She later took over the role of Margo Lane and played the part for 26 episodes in 1938.