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Spider Boy
Radio information

Blue Coal

Aired date

November 11, 1945

Running time

24:50 min

Preceded by

Spotlight on the Duchess (Radio Show)

Followed by

Death Rises Out of the Sea (Radio Show)


While weaving cloth in an attic, a lonely boy befriends a giant spider. Soon after, he also tries to romance a girl in the small room, but she screams of shock and runs out the building when she notices the spider. On the street, she bumps into Cranston and Margot and is taken to the hospital because she is hysterical. The duo head back to the apartment building and the lonely boy notices their approach from his window. While he hides, they enter the attic. The giant spider comes out to attack and Cranston shoots it dead. They leave and the boy is upset by the death of his "friend." Suddenly, the "power of revenge" is transmitted from the spider to the boy and he is able to spin webs. Later, he dangles a beautiful web down to the streets and Margot follows it back to the attic. She is captured by the boy and he begins to weave a web around her tighter and tighter. Out-of-nowhere, The Shadow comes to the rescue and the boy casts a web towards the window, then leaps, only to fall to his death.

Full Cast[]

Featured Characters:


  • Eric, the Spider Boy (dies)

Other Characters:

  • Tina Lugan
  • Ed Lugan (Tina's father)
  • Dr. Gordon

Notes and References[]

  • "Spider Boy" was also published in Shadow Comics #87.
  • The episode aired again on June 1, 1947 with a different cast.