Appearing in "The Case of the Shrieking Skeletons!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Paul Veidt (dies)
  • Friedrich Von Parseval
  • Krell
  • Perk (a crook; dies)
  • Monster-Men

Other Characters:

  • The Fabulous Five:
  • Theodore "Ham" Brooks
  • Andrew "Monk" Mayfair
  • Bernice Reinstein
  • Dr. Josef Reinstein


  • New York City
  • Lakehurst Airfield



Synopsis for "The Case of the Shrieking Skeletons!"

Monster-Men are roaming the streets of Manhattan and Doc Savage believes The Shadow is behind it, but in actuality, it is a Nazi who is responsible for the crime spree and injecting vagrants with a "super-soldier, growth serum."


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  • Dr. Josef Reinstein is the same doctor who created a special serum which was used on Steven Rogers when he was a test subject for the "Super-Soldier" project. Rogers later became better known as Captain America. In this story, the Nazi's have stole Reinstein's serum and are injecting it into captured derelicts, creating "monster-men."

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