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"To Cloud Men's Minds"

Rick Magyar, Frank Springer

Rick Magyar, Frank Springer

John Clark

"Voices from the Shadows"

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Quote1.png With proper force... and subtlety... people can be made to believe anything... short, perhaps, of an invasion from Mars. Quote2.png
--The Shadow

Appearing in "To Cloud Men's Minds"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Grover Mills
  • Agatha Goodlove


  • Ferret
  • Tiny

Other Characters:

  • Mr. Greene (owner of Greene Coal Company)
  • Mr. Ralston
  • Sinky


  • New York City
  • Brooklyn
  • Coney Island



Synopsis for "To Cloud Men's Minds"

When Grover Mills, a young theatrical genius, starts producing a radio show about The Shadow, The Shadow pays him a visit to stop it. When he confronts the producer at the theater, he discovers two thugs robbing the box office. The thugs grab one of the stage actress as a hostage, and make a run for it. The Shadow and producer give chase, racing through the streets and ending up at Coney Island. A shootout occurs in the hall of mirrors, and the two are able to rescue the actress. Later, The Shadow agrees that perhaps Mills should continue his show, as there is a need for a radio program which can spread terror to the underworld.

Appearing in "Voices from the Shadows"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "Voices from the Shadows"

Text article about The Shadow radio programs from the past.


  • Rick Magyar illustrates pages 1-16. Frank Springer illustrates pages 17-24.


  • Grover Mills, the young theatrical genius, is an obvious portrayal of actor Orson Welles. Several aspects establish this: he is a radio announcer voicing The Shadow, the shootout in the hall of mirrors recreates a scene from Welles' film, "The Lady from Shanghai" and later Mills mentions of doing a radio stunt depicting an "invasion from Mars."
  • Several other tributes are part of the story too. The title, "To Cloud Men's Minds," is the power of which the radio Shadow learned from the far east. The character Agatha Goodlove is Agnes Moorehead, who voiced the lovely Margo Lane on the radio show. Mr. Ralston who manages the radio station WOW in the story, is most likely Henry Ralston, Vice-President of Street & Smith during The Shadow pulp years. The Greene Coal Company who sponsors the radio program is in reality the Blue Coal Company, which sponsored The Shadow radio show for many years.

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