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Quote1.png I was a broken man, yes. A victim of western madness, seeking the truth and the power to survive the world. You gave me that truth and that power and I will be ever in your debt. Quote2.png
--The Shadow

Appearing in "The Coast"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • General Popov
  • The Pirate Queen, Lai Choi San (flashback only)

Other Characters:

  • The Shadow's "Ancient Master"
  • The Shadow's trusted allies ("local agents" Pat Ryan, Terry Lee and Burma)
  • The Shadow's two "hired ramblers" (Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy)


  • Shanghai, China
  • The Dark Temple
  • The Golden Lion


  • Girasol Ring


Synopsis for "The Coast"

The Shadow travels to Shanghai with Harry Vincent. Together they discover that Shiwan Khan has been shipping an Army's worth of weapons to the The Yellow River.


  • Shadow agent Myra Reldon is mentioned in the issue, but does not appear.


  • Characters from "Terry and the Pirates" appear in this issue. First, a hypnotized henchman of Shiwan Khan confesses that he, "served with a gang of harbor pirates... the employer of the Mongols sought a conference with our celestial pirate queen." Later, Harry Vincent is introduced to two "local agents" at The Golden Lion. Though unnamed, they are Pat Ryan and Terry Lee. Burma makes an appearance as a singer.
  • Roy Crane's comic strip characters, Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy, are the two "hired ramblers" who make trouble in a nightclub where Burma is performing.

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