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Quote1.png Here, in San Francisco, I have encountered one of the strangest cases that I have ever seen in all my career as a physician. That is why I telegraphed Yat Soon, asking that he communicate with you at once. I urged that you should come here, to take my place, my hope being that you could gain the answer which I have failed to obtain. I came to San Francisco to continue the work that I had begun when we first met: namely, to aid fellow Chinese in their efforts to adopt American ways and methods, to throw off superstition and achieve progress. In this work, I discovered that my fame as a physician was valuable. I was recognized because of my medical knowledge. As a consultant, I was welcomed in many quarters where ordinarily a man of my advanced views might not have been received. It was in the capacity of physician that I visited the home of Ku Luan. A dead man who lives. Quote2.png
--Roy Tam

Appearing in "The Chinese Tapestry"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Hype Mellick (dies)
  • Zack Ruggey (dies)
  • Mark Eldreth (Colin's cousin; dies)
  • Singledon (Oriental Museum attendant; dies)
  • Wong Soy (a doorman; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Dr. Roy Tam
  • Yat Soon (mentioned only)
  • Inspector Romson
  • Ku Luan (dies)
  • Dr. Doi Yan (Ku Luan's physician)
  • Tsing Chan (Ku Luan's steward)
  • Lee Yan (Tsing Chan's servant)
  • Weldon Dryer (a lawyer)
  • David Kelroy
  • Dr. Barnett Lestman (Oriental Museum curator)
  • Tobias Eldreth (mentioned only; dies in flashback)
  • Colin Eldreth (Tobias' grandson, Mark's cousin)


  • Chinatown
  • The Oriental Museum
  • The San Francisco Ferry Terminal
  • The Thurbley Hotel


  • The Shadow's rubber suction cups


Synopsis for "The Chinese Tapestry"

From the depths of blackness steps The Shadow, to aid a white heir to a Chinese fortune to solve the mystery of the Chinese Tapestry.



  • Can you solve the riddle? The cover shows twelve pictures which are coded symbols representing these words:
  • Key _____ Small ___ Find
  • Unlocks _ Gold ____ Treasure
  • Large ___ Statue __ Beneath
  • Casket __ One _____ Single

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