Appearing in "The Television Murders"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Cary Cummings (TV director; also known as "Roddy Hogan")

Other Characters:

  • Commissioner Weston (cameo)
  • Joe Cardona
  • Victor Blane (actor)
  • Johnny Brokaw (actor)
  • Jay Barshall (TV announcer)
  • Iris Harrison (actress)
  • Teddy Page (actress)
  • Eric Jamison (actor)
  • Carol Sterne (actress)
  • Timmy Rogers (newspaper reporter)
  • Jasper Twittle (documentary filmmaker)
  • Rourke (a hotel detective)
  • Selkirk (TV prop man)
  • Lawrence Charters (dies)
  • Daniel Depper (dies)


  • Television Studio WBRRGX



Synopsis for "The Television Murders"

A television mystery that comes true... thousands of people actually see a man being shot (but with the wrong bullet!) as a sinister plot is woven into a television drama... a plot that wasn't in the script. Then there was a second murder - also daring. In the subway - at rush hour - in full view of the crowds. Here was a killer who liked publicity... and here was a case for none other than... Lamont Cranston!



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