Appearing in "The Freak Show Murders"

Featured Characters:

  • The Shadow (also disguised as Nicco, the cigarette fiend)

Supporting Characters:


  • The Harlequin (Damaon & Pythias, The Inseparable Twins, dies)

Other Characters:

  • The Sorber Carnival
  • Pop Sorber, the circus owner
  • Alhambra, the snake queen (dies)
  • Benzone, the knife thrower
  • Juanita, Benzone's assistant
  • Drago, the sword swallower
  • Marina, the mermaid
  • Panchini, the tattooed man
  • Steve Kilroy (also disguised as Ajax, the wild man)
  • Zeno, the electrical wizard
  • Milton Treft (dies)
  • Judson Talboy (dies)


  • South Carolina
  • Milton Treft's Mansion
  • Hilldale


  • Alumite (alloy metal)


Synopsis for "The Freak Show Murders"

The Shadow and Margo Lane work undercover at a carnival to ferret out the costumed villain known as the Harlequin.



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