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Appearing in "The Northdale Mystery"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Bert Skirvel (dies)
  • Okey Shurn
  • Jeff Bracy
  • Sleeper Groth

Other Characters:

  • Arthur Mordant
  • Klebbert (Arthur Mordant's butler; dies)
  • Terry Trent
  • Norman Chalmody
  • Corinne Chalmody
  • Sheriff Rufus Mayberry
  • Dr. Quayben (dies)
  • Arthur Mordant (dies)


  • Northdale



Synopsis for "The Northdale Mystery"

The Shadow was thinking of new crime: of mystery much deeper than the recent bank robbery. New crime had followed the bank case. Murder -- coming so close upon The Shadow's triumph over criminals, had convinced the Master of Darkness that there were more things amiss in Northdale than even he, The Shadow, had expected to encounter!


  • The Northdale Mystery as told to Maxwell Grant
  • Detective Carey Learns Chinese by George Allan Moffatt
  • Codes by Henry Lysing
  • The Shadow Club (Obeying the Law)
  • The Pulse of the Nation
  • Highlights on The Shadow (Inside dope on what we're planning for you in the future)


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