Appearing in "Six Men of Evil"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Six Men of Evil:
  • Horace Fenwick (dies)
  • Charley Kistelle (dies)
  • Edward Montague (dies)
  • Earl Northrup (dies)
  • Thomas Rodan (dies)
  • Harold Thurber (dies)

Other Characters:

  • Police Chief Culver (Tilson, Illinois)
  • Officer Johnson (Tilson, Illinois)
  • Anthony Hanscom
  • Mosier (a servant; dies)
  • Tam Sook (1st appearance)
  • Sherman Brooks
  • Perry Davenport
  • Gorgas Talmadge
  • Carl Walton
  • A Zeltapec chief


  • Barmouth, Maryland
  • Daltona, Georgia
  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • New York City
  • The Badger Building
  • The Shadow's Sanctum
  • Tam Sook's Sanctum


  • Girasol Ring
  • "Devil's Whisper" (explosive paste)


Synopsis for "Six Men of Evil"

A torturous Aztec transformation gives "Six Men of Evil" an unexpected advantage in their criminal pursuits.



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