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Appearing in "The Eyes of The Shadow"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Steve Cronin
  • Isaac Coffran
  • Spotter
  • Jupe
  • Wally
  • Bernardo Chefano (dies)
  • Frenchy (dies)
  • Pedro (dies)

Other Characters:

  • Bruce Duncan (1st print appearance)
  • Abdul (Duncan's Hindu servant)
  • Stanley, the chauffeur (for the real Lamont Cranston)
  • Richards, the valet (for the real Lamont Cranston)
  • Red Mike (1st print appearance)
  • Prince Samanov (mentioned only; dies)
  • Berchik (Samanov's messenger)
  • Josh Stevens
  • Robert Tremaine
  • Dr. Huston Wells
  • Major Hubert Weston
  • Arthur Hooper (mentioned only; dies)
  • J. Howard Longstreth (mentioned only; dies)
  • Elbridge Meyers (mentioned only; dies)


  • New York City


  • The Samanov jewels


Synopsis for "The Eyes of The Shadow"

Six prominent men were expecting a share in a glittering fortune. But, one by one, they were being brutally murdered. The Shadow assumes the identity of Lamont Cranston to investigate the serial murders.


  • Reprint History:
  • The villain Isaac Coffran appears again next issue.
  • The gangster Steve Cronin appeared in the first three Shadow Magazines. His final appearance is in issue 5.
  • Red Mike is the owner and proprietor of the bar, The Black Ship. He appears in future stories.
  • Berchik appears again in issue 4.


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