Appearing in "The Getaway Ring"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Garret Fenmore (manager of Nitelite Cabs; dies)
  • Storber (decoy cab driver)
  • Speed Kirkel (Manhattan's Public Enemy No. 1; dies)
  • Hook (Speed Kirkel's gang; dies)
  • Nick Angreff (a former racketeer; dies)
  • Jigger, Skeet, Shaney (Nick Angreff's gang; captured)
  • Cal Grosham (a mob leader; dies)
  • Dowdy (Cal Grosham's gang; dies)
  • Barney (a go-between; captured)
  • Gurthy (ferryboat crew)
  • Jojo Jorcum (a stool pigeon; captured)

Other Characters:


  • New York City
  • Blue Moon Garages
  • Cobalt Club
  • The Falcon Building
  • Hotel Albron
  • Hotel Spartan
  • Connecticut



Synopsis for "The Getaway Ring"

Here was something new in crime -- something criminals had always dreamed about: a perfect means of a getaway from the scene of a crime! Was it possible for The Shadow to follow a trail marked only for the eyes of crooks?



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