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Appearing in "City of Ghosts"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Graham Clenwick (dies)
  • Tony Belgo (New York mobster)
  • Roy Enwald (a schemer; dies)
  • Skate and Dingbat (thugs; die)

Other Characters:

  • Sheriff Harley
  • Martin Welf (proprietor of the Pomelo Hotel)
  • Chester Tilyon (a realtor)
  • Louis Bayne (proprietor of a department store; dies)
  • Laura Severn
  • Roger Severn (Laura's brother)
  • Joe Betterly (a farmer; dies)
  • Terry Knight (dies)
  • Jim Fenn
  • Woodley (a taxi driver)


  • The old Severn mansion
  • The Kewanee Springs



Synopsis for "City of Ghosts"

Could The Shadow uncover the terrible menace in this city that died?


  • Sanctum Books reprinted "City of Ghosts" in The Shadow Double-Novel Reprint #45.
  • It is reported that in New York, Cliff Marsland played a ruse on Tony Belgo's racketeering friends by dressing in a black cloak and hat and impersonating The Shadow.
  • Table of Contents:
  • City of Ghosts as told by Maxwell Grant
  • Navy Yard Runaround (Sheridan Doome) by Stephen Gould
  • One for the Money by Edward Ronas
  • Death Tunes a Piano by Leo Stalnaker
  • The Shadow Club (Aid Police -- Drug Addicts)
  • Codes by Henry Lysing
  • Highlights on The Shadow


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