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Quote1.png I am The Shadow! Save your sham for your friends! Clever of you, Delcott, to pose as victim, and hide the fact that you ruled crime! I tricked your crew tonight when I crawled into the truck and lay among the injured! Yes, I am The Shadow! No longer do I need to crawl from danger. You obligingly gave me time to recuperate. I am going out of here - alone - through the mob of crooks who serve you! Quote2.png
--The Shadow

Appearing in "The Crime Ray"

Featured Characters:

  • The Shadow (also disguised as "Fritz, the janitor")

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Morton Delcott (a financier; dies)
  • Squeak Wembry (a stool pigeon; dies)
  • Butch (henchman; dies)
  • Jerry (driver; dies)
  • Prex Algus (a mob leader)
  • Red Garey (a mob leader)
  • Shag Korman (a mob leader)
  • Simon Zurm (an inventor; dies)

Other Characters:


  • New York City
  • The Antipodes Export Company
  • Cafe de Paris
  • Cobalt Club
  • The Excalibur Building
  • Graykill Prison
  • The Shadow's Sanctum


  • A "disintegration" ray machine


  • The Shadow's Autogyro
  • The World's Fair Limited (destroyed)

Synopsis for "The Crime Ray"

  • Synopsis not yet written.



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