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Quote1.png Two harbor cops dead! A gang of river pirates wiped out by another gang - who promptly disappear into the depths of the Hudson like a bunch of deep-sea divers! Men found floating in the river with a queer mark on their foreheads! Another discovered drowned in the Central Park Lake, in the middle of Manhattan! And this business about Davy Jones! Who is he? What is he? My stoolies tell me that for weeks the underworld has been buzzing with quiet rumors that a supercriminal has taken over the entire waterfront of New York. Quote2.png
--Joe Cardona

Appearing in "River of Death"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • "Davy Jones" (Anthony Saxon; suicide)
  • Roy Hollister (a shipping broker; captured)
  • Blue Chip Deegan (a crooked gambler; dies)
  • John Brody (bookshop owner; dies)
  • Flip Wiley (showboat owner; dies)
  • Smoke Paretti (a thug; captured)
  • Ned Turner (Edith Turner's father; dies)
  • Bickel (a steward)
  • Sailor Marco (a river thug; dies)
  • Pike (a river thug; dies)
  • Turk (Pike's henchman; dies)

Other Characters:


  • New York City
  • John Brody's Bookshop
  • The Hudson River
  • The Shadow's Sanctum



  • The Equator (a steamship)
  • Sliver Knave (ship)
  • Woolwich Ferry

Synopsis for "River of Death"

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