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Quote1.png Oxotone. The stuff that gives you vigor! Makes you young when you're old! If that's so, why don't you take it when you're young, and never got old? Oxotone! You fellows can drink it. I prefer baloney when it's sliced! Quote2.png
--Vic Marquette

Appearing in "Realm of Doom"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Thumb Gaudrey (dies)
  • Pointer Trame (flashback; died)
  • Long Steve Bydle (flashback; died)
  • Ring Brescott (flashback; died)
  • Pinkey Findlen (flashback; died)
  • Curley Schaffel ( a mobster)
  • Clip Rallin (dies)
  • Rigger Bayne (Gaudrey's henchman; dies)
  • Uke Flenn (Gaudrey's henchman; dies)
  • Prof. Felix Dort (counterfeiter; captured)

Other Characters:

  • Vic Marquette
  • Hastings Bleer (energy drink millionaire)
  • Loretta Wyndon
  • Titus Jenney (oil millionaire)
  • George Demble (chewing gum millionaire)
  • Carter Sanders (owner of a merchant fleet)


  • Charleston, West Virginia
  • Asheville, North Carolina



Synopsis for "Realm of Doom"

The last "finger" falls from The Hand, as The Shadow cleaves wide open the Realm of Doom.



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