Appearing in "Chicago Crime"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Long Steve Bydle (dies)
  • Ring Brescott (flashback; died)
  • Pinkey Findlen (flashback; died)
  • Pointer Trame (mentioned only)
  • Thumb Gaudrey (mentioned only)
  • Chet Soville (Bydle's henchman; dies)
  • Crawler (a thug; dies)
  • Dr. Ruttler (a fake physician; dies)
  • Larrivan (A crooked insurance investigator; dies)
  • Kid Dember (a conman; dies)
  • Richard Korber (an embezzler; dies)
  • Barney Heslip (a trigger-man; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Inspector Quillon
  • Herb Waylon
  • Peter Gramley (a wealthy banker)
  • Joan Gramley (Peter's daughter)
  • Arthur Reether (dies)
  • Maisie Troy (Reether's niece)




Synopsis for "Chicago Crime"

Once again The Hand reaches forth in bloody crime - but the clutch of The Shadow is stronger!



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