Appearing in "Racket Town"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mart Kilgay (head mobster; dies)
  • Doc Arland (Kilgay's lieutenant; dies)
  • Ducky Murrick (Kilgay's lieutenant; dies)
  • Dingo Swark (a cabby; dies)
  • Billy the Dip (pickpocket)
  • Grivlen (a house detective)

Other Characters:

  • The Shadow's agents (none named)
  • Detective Tyler (an honest cop)
  • Arthur Lockett (notary)
  • Warren Knightson
  • Ruth Knightson (Warren's wife, also Mart Kilgay's sister)
  • Tom Knightson (Warren's son)
  • Walton (a driver)
  • Louis Wenwold (a lawyer)
  • George Larmon (manages the Crystal Theater; dies)
  • Luke Pardee (truck driver; dies)


  • Parkland
  • Club Cagliari
  • The Crystal Theater
  • The Knightson Building



Synopsis for "Racket Town"

Racketeers and mobsters take over an entire city! At point of gun they enforce their edicts - until they meet up with the Master Avenger of Crime, The Shadow!



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