Appearing in "Death Turrets"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Sheriff Amos Cravlen (dies)
  • Robert Lenley (an inventor; dies)

Other Characters:

  • George Brendaw (the owner of Five Towers)
  • Titus (Brendaw's servant)
  • Augusta Merrith
  • Lucille Merrith (Augusta's niece)
  • Rufus Fant (dies)
  • Roderick Talroy (dies)


  • Five Towers



Synopsis for "Death Turrets"

High over the countryside, they loomed ~ sentinels of the doom that was to befall those within! Only The Shadow could penetrate the death pall that hung like a shroud over the weird, castle-like mansion!



  • This is the only issue of The Shadow Magazine that used a photograph for the cover. Although the tagline under the photo displays the text: “THE SHADOW ON THE SCREEN—STARRING ROD LA ROCQUE,” the man in the photo is not Rod La Rocque, but is, instead, Bill Lawlor, art director for Street & Smith.

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