Quote1.png You like America, Jacinta? You love Ramos? It is asking very little, Jacinta. Our duty is the same. We shall both be vigilant, because of Ramos. Quote2.png
--Harry Vincent

Appearing in "The Masked Headsman"

Featured Characters:

  • El Ombre (also disguised as "Senor Jose Rembole")

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Verdugo - the Masked Headsman (Don Luis Robera; dies)
  • Projillo (leader of "Spanish People's Party"; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Alvara (Projillo's secretary; dies)
  • Count Darraga
  • Jacinta Castellana (grandniece of Count Darraga)
  • Piquon (Count Darraga's servant; dies)
  • Ramos Ferrero
  • Claude Winther (Whitefield's police chief; dies)


  • Whitefield, NY



Synopsis for "The Masked Headsman"

Millions in jewels and golden plate were the stake - the treasure of Old Spain! And The Shadow's blazing guns had to decide the issue!



  • "Jose Rembole" is an anagram for El Ombre.

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