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Appearing in "Death by Proxy"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dagbar (a hypnotist; dies)
  • Dr. Pierre Guyak (dies)
  • Leigh Harbrook (dies)
  • Louis Joland (an attorney; dies)
  • Bela Bey (a sinister, giant Egyptian; dies)
  • Slug Kirbin (a mobster; captured)
  • Blimp (a thug; captured)

Other Characters:

  • Eleanor Lengood
  • Howard Lengood (Eleanor's brother; dies)
  • Owen Lengood (Eleanor's brother; dies)
  • Roger Lengood (Eleanor's brother)
  • Roy Lengood (Eleanor's cousin)
  • Alice Besson (Roy's fiancee)
  • Walter Lengood (Eleanor's cousin)
  • James Lengood (Eleanor's cousin; dies)
  • Dr. Rufus Denburton (the Lengood family physician)
  • Dr. J. R. Kolbel (a veterinarian)
  • Peters (the Lengood family butler)


  • Philadelphia
  • Glynwold



Synopsis for "Death by Proxy"

It marked the end of another life-risking battle against crime, and at the same time it presaged greater difficulties ahead. The Shadow, who escaped death a million times, was to face a new kind of death, and a new kind of crime, in Death by Proxy, matching his wits against the wits of a master villain, and stacking his two guns against the arms of dozens of hirelings. A strange menace hung over an ancient family home; death struck with uncanny regularity. Into this scene of fear and danger The Shadow must enter; here he must fight anew that justice would not be misled; that criminals get their deserved punishment - death, real death, not Death by Proxy.


  • The Shadow works alone.


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