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Appearing in "City of Crime"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Stephen Ruthley (a political boss; dies)
  • Director of Police, Kirk Borman (a corrupt cop; dies)
  • Mayor Elvin Marclot (captured)
  • Lance Gillick (casino-owner; dies)
  • Beezer Dorsch (dies)
  • Doctor Lunden
  • Stephen Ruthley (dies)
  • Boscul (Ruthley's giant bodyguard)
  • Haija (Ruthley's servant)

Other Characters:

  • Doctor Rupert Sayre
  • Police Lieutenant James Maclare
  • Judge Martin Benbrook
  • Estelle Benbrook (the judge's daughter)
  • Louis Wilderton (current district attorney)
  • Prescott Dunson (district attorney candidate; dies)
  • Adam Woodstock (dies)


  • Westford
  • Club Adair (a casino)



Synopsis for "City of Crime"

The Shadow doesn't go after just one man, or one family, but a whole city -- a city of crime -- in which the roots of gangdom has grown so strong that they hold almost every citizen in their clutch. From the least important citizen to the most prominent civic leader, the guilty finger points its way. Only some tremendous outside force could clear this evil; only someone with the power of The Shadow could hope to battle such outstanding odds.



  • "Theo D. Shaw" is an anagram for The Shadow.
  • This issue is the first time Edd Cartier supplies the interior artwork for the Shadow story itself. Cartier had already supplied the interiors for one of the back-up stories in a previous issue ("The Sledge-Hammer Crimes" Shadow Magazine Vol 1 107). He went on to draw over eight hundred illustrations for The Shadow magazine.

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