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Quote1.png Get this, Markham, I told you The Shadow was on the move, when we heard about that find on Long Island. Well, they saw The Shadow up by that warehouse that's been raided. They grabbed a bunch of phonies with gold faces when they broke in there. Now The Shadow's been seen here. They think he's gone into this house. If he has, he's got some more of the tribe to handle. We're going in there and give him a hand. Quote2.png
--Joe Cardona

Appearing in "The Golden Masks"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • The Golden Masks:
  • Member Alpha (Sidney Tallam; dies)
  • Member Mu (Clifford Sulgate; dies)
  • Member Gamma (Bronden, Sulgate's secretary; dies)
  • Member Delta (Burris Froy)
  • Member Epsilon (Jay Jaffley; dies)
  • Member Omega (Roger Barfield; dies)
  • Lothkal (an Ashanti servant; dies)
  • Seeklat (an Ashanti servant; dies)
  • Freeland Ralbot (a swindler; dies)

Other Characters:


  • New York City


  • Girasol Ring


Synopsis for "The Golden Masks"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Jericho Druke fires a shot straight for Seeklat, an Ashanti thug, killing him.


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