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Quote1.png I have awaited you. Be seated. We have much to discuss, you and I. You cannot afford to kill me when you know the facts that concern your agent, Harry Vincent. He is my prisoner - he and others who tried to block my path! There are five of them in all. My death will mean theirs! Quote2.png
-- The Voodoo Master

Appearing in "The City of Doom"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Voodoo Master
  • Dr. Mocquino's Zombies
  • Banzarro (The Voodoo Master's henchman; dies)
  • Toussant (guard; dies)

Other Characters:

  • James Chadron (Knitting Mills' owner)
  • Wishart (Chadron's chauffeur; dies)
  • Richard Lassman (Knitting Mills' night supervisor)


  • Hampstead
  • Myram's Folly (the Voodoo Master's tower; destroyed)



Synopsis for "The City of Doom"

The Voodoo Master returns from the grave and launches a series of terrorist attacks to enslave "The City of Doom."


  • Dr. Rodil Mocquino, The Shadow's arch-foe, makes several comic book appearances as well. This is his second appearance in the pulps.


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