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Quote1.png Tonight, you pay the penalty for your crimes. A big man on the force! Tipped off to certain crimes by crooks, to add to your prestige. In return you have protected them when they needed it, and have been paid for that protection. Cover-up man for a group of criminals! That is ended now. Your pals are dead... Come. Learn how The Shadow deals in justice! Quote2.png
--The Shadow

Appearing in "Hands in the Dark"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Bob Maddox (dies)
  • Briggs (dies)
  • Garry Elvers (dies)
  • Hiram Mallory (dies)
  • Moose Shargin (dies)
  • Acting Inspector Herbert Zull (dies)
  • Theodore Galvin (dies)
  • Reynold Barker (dies)
  • Wing Toy (Tong leader)

Other Characters:

  • Detective Crowell
  • Detective Devlin
  • Robert Galvin (nephew of Theodore Galvin)
  • Betty Mandell
  • Thaddeus Westcott
  • Richard Harkness (dies)
  • Zachary Mitchell (dies)
  • Hodgson (dies)


  • New York City



Synopsis for "Hands in the Dark"

  • Synopsis not yet written.



  • There is a coded message on the cover (the blood red text) which is a clue to the story inside.

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