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The Shadow Comics (Street & Smith)

This is The Shadow Comics disambiguation page.

In 1940, The Shadow began to appear in newspaper comic strips. Author Walter B. Gibson adapted some of The Shadow novels as simplified comic book plots, while Vernon Greene provided the art. The strip only lasted for two years.

Fortunately, The Shadow Comics was also started in 1940. In 1941 it reprinted some of the newspaper strips.

After the reprints, Gibson continued scripting the comic stories with hints of some plot elements from The Shadow Magazine. The early covers, which were also reprinted from the pulps, were picked out by both Gibson and Street & Smith editor, John Nanovic. Gibson continued to work on The Shadow Comics until 1947. The comic itself was published until August 1949, lasting a total of 101 issues.

Below is The Shadow Comics disambiguation page. It serves to clarify the difference between several closely named comics which have been published since the folding of Street & Smith Publications.

Archie Series (1960s camp)

Avalon Communications (Reprints The Shadow newspaper strips)

Dark Horse

DC Comics

Dynamite Entertainment

Malibu Comics (Reprints The Shadow newspaper strips)

Marvel Comics