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Murder in the Death House
Radio information

Blue Coal

  • Bill Johnstone
  • Marjorie Anderson
Aired date

January 7, 1940

Running time

25 min

Preceded by

The Cat That Killed (Radio Show)

Followed by

Suicide Resort (Radio Show)

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Margot Lane joins the Citizens Committee to help clean up crooked politics, but during one of their soapbox speeches an execution is occurring at the local penitentiary, however, the executioner is electrocuted instead of the convict due to a rewired chair.

The Shadow investigates the incident and discovers "the brain" who is behind the death house murders is a corrupt politician who is also using the Citizens Committee as a front.

Full Cast[edit | edit source]

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Brain (Wilson Tuttle; captured)
  • "Killer" Goren (an escaped death row convict; captured)
  • McKenzie (a jailhouse guard)
  • Smokey (a death row convict)

Other Characters:

  • Warden Richard Cooper
  • An unnamed executioner (dies)
  • Mr. Hartman (the 2nd executioner; dies)

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