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Murder by the Sea
Radio information
Aired date

December 26, 1954

Running time

30 min

Preceded by

Happy Doomsday (Radio Show)

Followed by

Computer Calculates, but The Shadow Knows

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Cranston and Margot Lane, returning from a car trip, take a wrong turn and become lost. They take refuge in Dunmor Manor and stumble upon an inner-family murder -- or is it the work of a witch?

Full Cast[edit | edit source]

Featured Characters:


  • Ralph Collins

Other Characters:

  • Valerie Collins (Ralph's wife)
  • John Collins (son; dies)

Notes and References[edit | edit source]

  • This is the final episode of "The Shadow" to be aired on the Mutual Broadcasting System.
  • The voice of The Shadow was heard one last time on the 1968 LP, "The Official Adventures of The Shadow," released under the Metro label "Leo the Lion" (CH-1048).

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