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"Masks Part 2 (of 8)"

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Appearing in "Masks Part 2 (of 8)"

Featured Characters:

  • The Shadow
  • Green Hornet (Britt Reid)
  • The Spider (Richard Wentworth)

Supporting Characters:

  • Miss Fury (Marla Drake)
  • The Green Lama (Jethro Dumont)


  • The Justice Party
  • Black Legion troopers

Other Characters:

  • Kato
  • Rafael Vega
  • D.A. Tony Quinn
  • Ram Singh
  • Black Terror (Cameo)


  • New York City



Synopsis for "Masks Part 2 (of 8)"

1938: Powerful criminals and crooked politicians have taken over New York in order to instituted a fascist police state. With the law bent to their own purposes, the so-called “Justice Party” and their army of Black Legion troopers imprison, extort and execute any citizens who stand in their way. Only vigilantes like The Shadow, Green Hornet and the Spider have any hope of standing against them, but instead of operating outside the law as they have always done, these masked heroes must now oppose the law in their fight for justice.



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