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A major difference between the pulp and radio characterizations of The Shadow is their identity. In the pulps, The Shadow is Kent Allard, a world-famous aviator. On the radio, Lamont Cranston and The Shadow are indeed one and the same.

What might be confusing to casual readers is there's a separate character named Lamont Cranston in the pulps too. He's a wealthy world-traveler, and Kent Allard often impersonates Cranston as his own secret identity when the real one is out of the country. Apparently, the disguise works well because Allard and Cranston bear something of a resemblance to each other. Not even Cranston's servants are aware of the masquerade.

In the pulps later years, the real Lamont Cranston became a criminologist and was in charge of The Shadow's network of agents while Kent Allard was on a secret assignment elsewhere.

"The pulp version" of Lamont Cranston was created by Walter B. Gibson, first appearing in Shadow Magazine #3 (1931).

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