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Inspector Joe Cardona is a good, honest cop who works for the New York City police force. He began his career as a Detective, but was later promoted as a higher ranked Acting Inspector.

Though they work independently from one another, he and The Shadow are unspoken allies. Any knowledge that Cardona learns during an investigation, is received as tip-offs from The Shadow. In fact, The Shadow, when disguised as "Fritz the janitor," often mops around Cardona's desk glancing at evidence or overhearing conversations.

Cardona is also a trusted friend of newspaper reporter, Clyde Burke, a Shadow agent. The Inspector often gives Burke inside information, and in turn, the reporter informs The Shadow with facts and knowledge about a case.

For years, Cardona has worked alongside his longtime right-hand man, Sergeant Markham, who replaced his earlier predecessor, Detective Sergeant Mayhew.

Joe Cardona was created by Walter B. Gibson, first appearing in Shadow Magazine #1 (1931).

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