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Jerome Rozen

Real Name
Jerome George Rozen

First "Shadow" publication

Place of Birth
Chicago , Illinois , United States of America

Date of Birth
Date of Death

October 16, 1895
July 10, 1987

Professional History

Jerome Rozen was a pulp magazine illustrator. His first published assignments were interior pen and ink illustrations, but he soon began painting pulp covers for various publishers.

In 1931, he painted the four earliest magazine covers for The Shadow Magazine, but starting with the January 1932 issue he was replaced by his twin brother George, who went on to become The Shadow's more renowned cover artist.

Jerome left the pulps and began illustrating advertisements for Mail Pouch (a chewing tobacco), Schiltz Beer, Shell Gas and others. During WWII, he painted several patriotic posters and began to paint pulp covers once again for the Western and Detective titles.

Work History

Images Attributed to Jerome Rozen


  • Recommended Reading: The Pulp Collector Vol. 3 #1 (Summer 1987) -- Jerome Rozen Interviewed by Albert Tonik.


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