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Invisible Death
Invisible Death (Lin Carter).jpg
Author Lin Carter
Publication date 1975
Published by Doubleday Science Fiction
Publication Order
Preceded by
Rip van Winkle's Long Wet Dream
Followed by
Greatheart Silver

Synopsis for Invisible Death[]

1975: Crime fighter Prince Zarkon and his Omega Men battle a master criminal, The Grim Reaper.

Characters in The Adventure of Invisible Death[]

Featured Characters:

  • Prince Zarkon

Supporting Characters:

  • Omega Men
  • Theophilus "Doc" Jenkins
  • Scorchy Muldoon
  • Nick Naldini
  • Ace Harrigan
  • Menlo Parker
  • Dr. Ernestine Grimshaw


  • The Grim Reaper (Caleb Streiger)
  • Josiah Seaton (a lawyer)
  • Chu Ming (dies)
  • Pie Ling (dies)

Other Characters:

  • Bruce Wayne (cameo)
  • Lamont Cranston (cameo)
  • Rutledge Mann (mentioned only)
  • Brett Reid
  • Lenore Chase
  • Ned Lowry (a reporter)
  • Detective Ricks
  • Val Kildare (F.B.I.)
  • Constable Ogletorpe Gibbs
  • Redford Pickett (Gibbs' nephew)
  • Pulitzer Haines (dies)
  • Jerred Streiger (dies)
  • Sherrinford (a butler)
  • Canning (private secretary)
  • Chandra Lal (valet)
  • Borg (a bodyguard)
  • Pipkin (gatekeeper)
  • Cranden (chauffeur)
  • Hallow (a chef)


  • Manhattan, New York
  • Cobalt Club
  • Beechview, Long Island
  • Holmwood, Long Island
  • Knickerbocker City
  • Wang Foo's Tea Shop


  • Girasol Ring


  • Silver Ghost (helicopter)


  • This novel is an homage to the fiction found in the superhero pulps and comics of the 1930s. As such, several reference are made to characters and places found in those yesteryear stories.


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