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Greatheart Silver
Greatheart Silver.jpg
Author Philip Jose Farmer
Illustrator Nick Cuti
Publication date 1982
Published by A TOR Book
Publication Order
Preceded by
Invisible Death
Followed by
The New York Review of Bird

Synopsis for Greatheart Silver in Showdown at Shootout[]

October 1975: Detective Phwombly and Greatheart Silver head out west and discover several pulp heroes and villians, who are now old and feeble, getting ready for an old fashion shootout. The story is reprinted from Weird Heroes, Volume 1 (1975).

Synopsis for The Return of Greatheart Silver[]

Greatheart Silver is hired by one of the most influential men in the world to rescue his kidnapped daughter. The story is reprinted from Weird Heroes, Volume 2 (1975).

Synopsis for Greatheart Silver in the First Command[]

Greatheart Silver's Zeppelin is hijacked by kidnappers, liberators and blackmailers all at the same time. The story is reprinted from Weird Heroes, Volume 6 (1977).

Characters in Greatheart Silver[]

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Doc Ravage
  • Porkchop and Chimp
  • The Punisher (The Avenger)
  • Pete Ruse (sheriff of Buzzard Gulch)
  • Huggin and Muggin (Greatheart's ravens)
  • Jill Amber Micawber (Greathert's bride/wife)


  • The Blimp Gang:
  • Herr Doktor Kroger (dies)
  • Mad Fokker (dies)
  • Scorpio (dies)
  • Rade Starling (a TV producer)
  • Bons (Starling's henchman)
  • Agocetti (Greatheart's crewman; a traitor, dies)
  • Kapten (a kidnapper)
  • Luzel
  • Jacques-Pierre Mellezour (dies)
  • Captain Hooke the Hooker (a bank robber turned hijacker; dies)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Woodward (blackmailers)

Other Characters:

  • Bendt Micawber (owner of ACME Zeppelin Company)
  • Bon-Bon Heisszeit (Micawber's secretary)
  • Seymour Sheester (a lawyer)
  • Lassie Graves (Greatheart Silver's ex-fiancee)
  • Roger Beaver (a book publisher of smut)
  • Dr. Amey
  • Dr. Pierre de Rioux (a wealthy industrialist; dies)
  • Dr. Wrongwon
  • Mr. Spood (ACME Security-Southwest: AS-S)
  • Reynold White (Greatheart's 1st mate)
  • James Flaherty (Greatheart's 2nd mate)
  • Siskatto (Greatheart's 3rd mate)


  • Arizona
  • Buzzard Gultch



  • AZ-8 (a zeppelin; destroyed)


  • The novel reprints three stories which first appeared in Weird Heroes Volume 1, 2 and 6.


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A Wold Newton Universe Story
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