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In 1973, DC Comics began publishing The Shadow. The first series ran for 12-issues and was written by Denny O'Neil. DC Comics continued to publish The Shadow until 1992.

Below are various comic books published by DC Comics where The Shadow was a featured character.

Shadow (DC Comics) Vol 1 1.jpg
The Shadow (Vol. 1): 12 Issues: The first Shadow series by DC Comics was set in the 1930s, and maintained a faithful treatment to the pulp version.

The Private Files of The Shadow (reprints #1-4 and #6)
Millennium Edition: The Shadow (reprints #1)

Shadow (DC Comics) Vol 2 1.jpg
The Shadow (Vol. 2): 4 Issues. The second series by DC Comics was a controversial limited series which updated the classic pulp hero in a modern day setting, revamping him and his agents to an extremely violent and sophisticated world.

The Shadow: Blood and Judgment (collected)

Shadow (DC Comics) Vol 3 1.jpg
The Shadow (Vol. 3): 19 Issues and two annuals. The third series by DC Comics continued the controversial themes from Howard Chaykin's limited series. The modern day revamping of The Shadow continued, and became even more controversial once he became a cyborg. The series was abruptly canceled soon after.

The Shadow Annuals (Vol. 3)
The Shadow Master Series Vol. 1
The Shadow Master Series Vol. 2

Shadow Strikes (DC Comics) Vol 1 1.jpg
The Shadow Strikes: 31 Issues and one annual. The final comic series by DC Comics set The Shadow in the appropriate time period, the 1930s, and featured a few adaptations from the original stories found in The Shadow Magazine (including Death's Harlequin, a Theodore Tinsley story).

The Shadow Strikes Annual

Doc Savage Vol 1 17.jpg
Doc Savage Crossover: 2 Issues. The Shadow Strikes series had a crossover with the Doc Savage comic series also by DC Comics. It was a 4-part adventure entitled "The Conflagration Man."

Doc Savage #17
Doc Savage #18

Batman Vol 1 253.jpg
Batman Crossover: 2 Issues. During the 1970s, The Shadow appeared in two Batman comics, where it was revealed that he was the inspiration to the Dark Knight.

Batman #253
Batman #259