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Appearing in "Danger on Shark Island (part 2)"

Featured Characters:

  • The Shadow (also disguised as: Otho, the prisoner)

Supporting Characters:

  • Alfred Mardell
  • Jane Mardell (Alfred's daughter)


  • The Dagger (Paul Revelon)
  • Several convicts
  • Skipper of the Trojan Freighter

Other Characters:

  • An unnamed commandant and his loyal guards


  • Shark Island
  • Shelter Island



  • Nautilus (yacht)
  • Trojan (freighter)

Synopsis for "Danger on Shark Island (part 2)"

On Shark Island, a prison colony, The Shadow is trying to uncover a plotter of revolt who goes by the name of "The Dagger." When the prisoners break out, the leader, and a couple of his henchmen, find a boat and row to a nearby yacht. Once on board, they quickly seize the ship. The Shadow smuggles himself onto the same vessel and discovers several rifles and small weapons in crates. He also rescues a kidnapped daughter and the two of them team-up to fight off a few convicts. Meanwhile, The Dagger makes plans to meet up with a freighter to off load the yacht's cargo of weapons. By morning, he has transferred the weapons and made a deal with the skipper to blow up an American defense base on Shelter Island.

To be continued.


  • Reprinted newspaper strips from the 1940s.
  • "Danger on Shark Island" appeared as "The Dagger" in Shadow Comics #12.
  • Cover coloring by Bruce Timm.


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