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Cliff Marsland is one of The Shadow's most trusted agents. The two men first met during World War I, however, the details of this adventure are now lost.

In 1932 Marsland was released from Sing Sing, after serving time for a murder charge he did not commit. Marsland took the blame to ensure his fiancee's family would not endure any unnecessary strife. Once out of prison, Marsland was sought out by The Shadow who quickly recruited him as an agent.

Due to his big size, rugged looks and a reputation of serving time, Marsland is able to infiltrate the underworld on The Shadow's behalf. He pretends to be a ruthless thug, a free-lance fighter and a gunman of high repute. To the criminal world, he owes allegiance to no gang.

He is often assisted by Hawkeye, a former crook who is also part of The Shadow's network of agents. Unknown to the underworld, these two unlikely companions work together as combatants of crime, by maintaining a contact between notorious racketeers and the king of crime avengers -- The Shadow.

Cliff Marsland was created by Walter B. Gibson, first appearing in Shadow Magazine #9 (1932).

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