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Charg, Monster (Pyramid)
Charg, Monster (Jove).jpg
Author Walter B. Gibson
Illustrator Jim Steranko
Publication date 1977
Published by Pyramid Books
Publication Order
Preceded by
Zemba (Pyramid)
Followed by
The Wealth Seeker (Pyramid)


Meldon Fallow, a brilliant and ambitious inventor has created a highly effiecient super motor capable of limitless energy. He turns down an offer to sell the invention for a fortune by millionaire Fredrick Thorne, in high hopes for the benefit of mankind. One night, he is Found dead in his apartment, horribly mutilated by an insidious brute. As the dark avenger begins the case for a master criminal behind the murder he faces monstrous robots who are controlled by the fiend known only as Charg. Who is this maniacal machinist, that has an army of killer robots at his whim? Why would he have Meldon Fallow killed? What dangerous twists and turns lie ahead of the master of darkness The Shadow knows!


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Frederick Thorne (dies)
  • Charg (a robot)
  • Bart Daper (dies)
  • Bryce Towson (dies)
  • Jerry Laffan (dies)
  • Quinton (dies)
  • Shelburne (dies)

Other Characters:

  • Detective Joe Cardona
  • Stanley, the chauffeur
  • Herbert Whilton
  • Parsons (Herbert Whilton's servant)
  • Randham (Herbert Whilton's servant; dies)
  • Meldon Fallow (dies)
  • Loring Dyke (dies)
  • Talbot (Loring Dyke's servant; dies)


  • New York City