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Joe Cardona
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They were peaceable; they gave no argument. When we questioned them, all they would say was "Ying Ko" -- and they kept repeating it. Sounded like a name; but there's nobody in Chinatown with that moniker. It's not a place, either -- I've looked through atlases trying to find it. "Ying Ko" -- that's all they would say.

Joe Cardona, Shadow Magazine #81

You have all heard of The Shadow. As a detective, as a crime fighter, he hasn't an equal. We owe this discovery to him. He was here tonight.

Joe Cardona, Shadow Magazine #53

You aren't going to die, Doctor Leach - not yet! That slug through the upper wall of your chest missed the lung cavity. When you recover from that wound, you're going to die sitting up! In the same place Pool will die. The electric chair! And I hope they burn you last so you'll have time to think it over. Pool killed Milton. But you - you're the cold-blooded rat that murdered my nephew!

Shadow Magazine #135

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